A new Dairyland Seed hybrid alfalfa promising up to a 5% yield bump over HybriForce-2400 Gen-2 will be available in limited quantities for 2014 spring planting.

HybriForce-3400 Gen-3 shows a 12.3% yield advantage over competitive alfalfas after being tested in 21 university trials in seven states, says Tim Clark, forage product manager.

Hybrid alfalfas, developed using technology patented by Dairyland Seed, are first-generation crosses between two unique parent lines. The hybrids maintain yield of those lines by controlling pollination, according to Steve Wagner, Dairyland alfalfa plant breeder.

“Growers can feel confident when choosing HybriForce-3400 Gen-3, as it is very closely related to Gen-2 but with a significant parental change that provides the 5% boost in yield,” he says. “It is a real racehorse with top-end yields and has a strong defensive disease package which gives 3400 the ability to perform well in a variety of conditions.”

The fall dormancy 4 variety is highly resistant to most major alfalfa diseases and maintains the uniformity, palatability and good leaf-to-stem ratio that the company’s other HybriForce products provide, Clark says.

“Even when cutting was delayed,” he says in reference to trial data, “HybriForce-3400 showed similar relative feed value and relative forage quality, with higher yields resulting in improved milk per acre compared to other commercial varieties.”

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