Fae Holin

Editor, Hay & Forage Grower

Raised on a Minnesota crop and livestock farm, Fae Holin began her career at a small Wisconsin weekly newspaper and, for the past 32 years, has been on the writing staffs of The Farmer/The Dakota Farmer, USAgriculture, The Corn and Soybean Digest and Hay & Forage Grower. Fae was named Editor of Hay & Forage Grower in 2011 after serving as its Managing Editor for seven years. She writes, edits and enjoys traveling to farms and talking with growers and ag-industry people.

Grassland Council President Wants To Make New Connections
Ray Smith, new American Forage & Grassland Council president, wants to improve communications within the organization and with groups.
As Drought Continues, Western Hay Prices Rise
Hay prices will be higher across the West the first part of 2014, said market analyst Seth Hoyt at World Ag Expo.
Baleage Expert Wins Forage Spokesperson Contest
Kendall Guither, Walnut, IL, took top honors in the American Forage & Grassland Council Forage Spokesperson Contest.
The Growing Popularity Of High-Forage Diets
Northeastern dairies are moving toward high-forage diets to help lower feed costs.
Jump-Start Alfalfa By Interseeding It Into Corn
Interseeding alfalfa into silage corn could double the legume's first-year yields.
Facing Alfalfa’s Challenges
Alfalfa needs leadership, funding and research to remain a top livestock ration option.
What Breeders See In Alfalfa's Future
Alfalfa's acreage and use as a dairy feed are down, but breeders are excited about the legume's future.
Cellulosic Ethanol Plants Near Start-Up
Three biorefineries are scheduled to go online this year despite proposed changes over the Renewable Fuel Standard.
Pack More Product Fast With High-Density Baler
The Krone BigPack 1290 HDP II large square baler runs faster and produces more 3 x 4’ bales at a higher density than its predecessor.
Western Alfalfa Hay Prices To Dip 3
Lower corn prices in 2014 will likely keep a lid on Western hay prices, predicted Seth Hoyt, Western hay market analyst.
A Tool That Predicts How Forage Will Feed
A relatively new tool, total-tract NDF digestibility (TTNDFD), seems to be accurately estimating forage value.
Italian Ryegrass Over Oats As An Alfalfa Companion Crop
As an alfalfa companion crop, Italian ryegrass provides higher forage quality than a one-cut oats crop and consistent yield through the season.
Italian Ryegrass Can Supply Third Of Forage In Dairy Diet
Italian ryegrass can replace a third of alfalfa and corn silage in dairy diets and increase milk yield.
Weather Tightens Alfalfa Seed Supply
Rain, hail and snow reduced proprietary and common alfalfa seed yields this year, making for tight 2014 alfalfa seed supplies.
Round Bale Accumulator Improves Safety
Dan Monahan invented an accumulator that can drop three round bales at a time on a level field spot.

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