If you’re looking for a cheap, effective and environmentally friendly way to cover your haystacks, entrepreneur Damon Carson, Denver, CO, has come up with a product that may be of interest. He’s designed tarps made of recycled vinyl from advertising billboards.

Carson launched Repurposed Materials, Inc. to market the recycled vinyl about a year ago. “It’s another twist on the going-green trend,” says Carson, who owned a garbage collection company for eight years before starting his recycling business.

The tarps have generated interest from a variety of customer groups – boat owners wanting a way to protect their boats, auto repair firms looking to cover shop floors, photographers seeking backdrops and a few high school drama clubs in need of stage backdrops. Yet Carson says farmers and ranchers have quickly become his No. 1 market.

“These are ideal for covering a haystack,” he says. Standard size is 14 x 48’, with two other common sizes: 10 x 30’ and 12 x 32’.

“If you need something bigger, you can join several together with a vinyl cement. They’re also waterproof and multipurpose. They can be used as windscreens and/or for covering equipment.”

The tarps still have the printing for whatever product was being advertised (beverages, autos, vacation destinations, etc.) on one side. The other side is either white or black. As a condition of purchase, the side with the printing on it must be placed face down when the tarp is in use.

Thickness and cost are incentives to use the recycled material, Carson says. “The tarps are heavy-duty 20 mil. The blue tarps you see at stores like Home Depot are typically 5 mil. We figure our tarps are roughly 75% less expensive than store-bought tarps of similar quality.”

To learn more, visit Carson’s Web site or call 303-478-6193.