Kansas alfalfa fields infested with alfalfa weevils may get some relief with the approval of Special Local Need (SLN) registrations of Cobalt and Stallion insecticides.

The Environmental Protection Agency gave the green light on the use of the products starting Nov. 1. The pesticides’ goal: to interrupt weevil life cycle with a fall pesticide application after last cutting, which should have little to no impact on bees or other pollinators.

SLN registrations do not change the number of applications or the amount applied per crop growing season.  Application timing has been amended to better reflect the life cycle of the alfalfa weevil. That may result in better pest control, improved crop yields and less pesticide use in spring when bees and other pollinators forage, according to the Kansas Department of Agriculture. 

Any applicator using a pesticide under an SLN registration must have the SLN registered label with them while applying the pesticide. For more information, contact Judy Glass, Kansas Department of Agriculture pesticide registration specialist, at 785-296-3454 or judy.glass@kda.ks.gov.