Alfalfa hay and haylage are among the crops covered in the 2012 Farm Management Enterprise Budgets from Ohio State University (OSU) Extension.

“One of the real benefits of using enterprise budgets is that they help you to not forget expenses that should be included in the planning or budgeting process,” says Dianne Shoemaker, OSU Extension’s dairy financial management specialist. “The budgets don’t just look at cash, or variable, expenses (seed, fertilizer, sprays and fuel). They also take into consideration the overhead, or fixed, costs such as charges for land, labor and management and machinery and equipment.”

The OSU budgets are in a downloadable Excel spreadsheet format. Users can input production and price levels to calculate farm-specific numbers. Color-coded cells allow users to plug in numbers to easily calculate bottom lines for different scenarios. Detailed footnotes are included to help explain methodologies used to obtain the budget numbers. Also included is a date in the upper right-hand corner of the front page indicating when the last update occurred.