Innovative equipment doesn’t always make a big splash everywhere, even when invented by major manufacturers. Such is the case with Krone’s 1270 Big Pack baler with MultiBale option.

“They sell a lot of them in Europe,” says Kurt Stone, Krone regional product manager. “There are certain areas (of the U.S.) where it has been fairly readily accepted, but we don’t sell as many as we would like.”

Introduced in 2006 (visit, the machine makes 2.3 x 4’ bales up to 9’ long or can be programmed in the tractor cab to make up to nine smaller bales. Those bales are 4’ long and vary in width from 1.5’ to 4.4’, depending on the number in each big bale. If made with alfalfa, the 1.5’-wide bales weigh 80-90 lbs, says Stone.

The baler has six knotters. Single big bales get six twines, small bales get two, and packages of small bales are bound with four. Twines on individual small bales run across them instead of around the ends.

“That’s the hardest thing for people to accept, because they don’t look like standard two-tie bales,” he says. “Guys who are going to use this machine have to develop the market and get people over that perception of what a bale should look like.”

The size of the big bales has also hindered sales. He says they’re great for stacking and hauling, but many livestock producers prefer traditional 3 x 3’ or 3 x 4’ bales. “It’s a really nice package; it’s just not the size that people want,” says Stone.

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