Nov. 14, 2017 10:45 AM

This industry-first feature gives operators on-the-go depth and pressure control plus mapping

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John Deere is making TruSet™ depth and pressure control and mapping functions available on more new and late model tillage tools, including the 2720 Disk Ripper, for 2018. This gives operators more precise, on-the-go control of tillage functions, plus mapping and data management, when using a wide variety of tools for different types of tillage operations.

John Deere is offering TruSet depth and pressure control and mapping functions on more new and late model tillage tools for 2018.

Introduced in 2015 on the 2730 Combo Ripper, TruSet functionality has been expanded to more tillage and nutrient application tools over the last few years, says Jarred Karnei, product marketing manager for John Deere.

TruSet now brings precision capabilities to many tillage operations like never before. As a result, operators can till each acre the way they want by making more precise and faster adjustments to depth (0.1-inch accuracy) and down pressure (0-900 psi) as residue, compaction and soil conditions change across the field,” Karnei explains. “At the same time, tillage information for each field is mapped and stored and can be overlaid with other data to make better agronomic decisions later on.”

The 2720 Disk Ripper is the latest John Deere tillage tool available with TruSet, giving operators the ability to run deeper over end-rows or compacted areas or shallow on hill tops and light soils. Operators can quickly adjust the depth of the rippers and pressure of the active hydraulic rolling baskets while working in the field, right from the cab.

Customers with late model John Deere tillage tools, including the 2720 Disk Ripper, can now add TruSet Technology to these implements.

In addition, TruSet active hydraulic stabilizer wheels are available on the 9-standard 22 feet 5-inch and 11-standard 27 feet 5-inch 2720 Disk Ripper models. This provides faster, more convenient and accurate tillage control and performance, without the need for manual turnbuckle adjustments.

Karnei adds TruSet is available from the factory on many new John Deere tillage implements, and can be added to many late-model tillage tools, including:

• 2730 Combination Ripper

• 2720 Disk Ripper

• 2230 Field Cultivator

• 2330 Mulch Finisher

• 2620 and 2630 Series Disks and Vertical Tillage tools

• and 2510H Nutrient Applicators

For all these tillage tools, depth adjustments can now be made within 6 seconds, which is hundreds of times faster than conventional, manual adjustments, optimizing each tillage pass across the field. TruSet preset buttons allow customers to save settings most often used for specific soil conditions or residue types, saving even more time.

For more information on the new 2720 Disk Rippers and the full line of John Deere tillage implements and nutrient applicators featuring TruSet Technology, contact your local John Deere dealer or visit