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Baler Automation automatically opens and closes the gate at the right time, reducing operator error and minimizing downtime.

John Deere’s new 1 Series Round Balers help farmers ensure optimal moisture levels and consistent bale weights are maintained in every field, in every windrow and with every bale.

The 1 Series features innovative Bale Doc technology to document bale moisture and weight in near real time. That data can then flow into the John Deere Operations Center for post-harvest analysis. After analysis is completed, farmers can make informed decisions about nutrient management or use the data to help get the best prices possible for their bales, or to reduce fertilizer costs.

“No matter what the size of your operation, John Deere offers a 1 Series Round Baler that delivers consistent, high-quality round bales,” said Chase Milem, marketing manager for John Deere. “Operators can see in real time what the moisture levels are of the bales they are making, right from the cab. This is information farmers can use to decide if they need to stop baling for the day, or whether they should apply a preservative like John Deere GREEN-GARD.”

John Deere 1 Series Round Balers also reduce operator fatigue thanks to integrated technology that automates gate cycle functions. Baler Automation automatically opens and closes the gate at the right time, eliminating repetitive tasks, reducing operator error and minimizing downtime, helping farmers get the most bales as quickly as possible. Regardless of the age of their tractor, Milem said there are many good reasons for farmers to upgrade to the 1 Series, considering Baler Automation compatibility.

A new, standard 8-inch G5e display provides operators with an easy-to-learn, consistent experience, giving them total visibility and control over baling operations. The 1 Series also features a new optional High-Capacity Pickup to help farmers finish baling more quickly compared to previous models. Internal testing showed the high-capacity pickup was able to pick up and feed crop with up to 33% increased capacity compared to previous models.

“Customers said reliability, serviceability and productivity were three important factors for them when considering the purchase of a new round baler,” Milem said. “We took what farmers liked most about our previous round balers and added new features to boost their baling capacity and new technology to better help farmers make informed agronomic decisions based on real-time data.”

The John Deere 1 Series Round Baler lineup includes the 451E, 451M, 451R, 461M, 461R, 551M, 561M and 561R. The “E” model designates the baler is equipped with a regular pickup; the “M” denotes the baler is equipped with the MegaWide™ Plus pickup, and the “R” model shows the round baler is equipped with the High-Capacity or the High-Capacity and Precutting feeding system.

Net-Lift Assist, Net Lighting and a Preservative System are options available for the 1 Series. With Net-Lift Assist there is a 90% reduction in lifting effort as the connecting linkage attaches to the netwrap handles and the netwrap roll is moved into position. Net Lighting illuminates the netwrap and wrapping components, making it easy to reload the baler in low-light conditions. The Preservative System for the 1 Series utilizes a tank, sensors, controller and distribution system to ensure the right amount of preservative is applied to each bale.

To learn more about John Deere 1 Series Round Balers visit or contact your local John Deere dealer.

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