Most reporters to USDA noted light volumes as new crop alfalfa was being harvested in much of the country. Often there were not tests on all quality levels. Some locations mentioned that demand was still good. Below are some alfalfa prices being paid FOB (freight on board) for selected locations. Also check the USDA Hay Market Prices site for additional locations.

Alfalfa hay prices reported to USDA from selected locations
Forage Quality
Central Utah $175-190 $140-170 $100-135
Central Oklahoma $150-195 $130-140 N.A.
South Central Kansas $170-195 $120-130 $90-100
Corsica, SD N.A. $145-160 $130
Rock Valley, IA $140-155 $120-135 $100-110
Missouri $150-190 $120-160 $100-120
Northern Illinois $185-200 $150 $130