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Today’s dairy producers have many decisions to make — some on a daily basis, others less frequently. All, however, are critical to ensuring the performance of their animals and the profitability of their businesses.

One major component of modern dairy production is forage quality and supply, but since silage is made only three to five times a year, it’s important to make the right decision when choosing a silage inoculant. To make this decision a little easier, Chr. Hansen has launched a new, interactive website featuring handy tools and useful information to help producers make the best choices for their farms.

Our latest innovation is a product selector tool, which is designed to help producers find the right answers by asking them the right questions. The simple,three- step process begins with ting the crop, followed by expected dry matter content. Finally, users are prompted to reflect on their history and any challenges they anticipate or may have encountered, such as spoilage, odors and early feed-out. While not all problems repeat themselves, our vast, on-farm experience indicates certain patterns.

Based on the producer’s answers to these questions, the tool will recommend a product from Chr. Hansen’s industry-leading range of SiloSolve silage inoculants. And because we know all business decisions need to pay off, we’ve also fitted the website with an ROI calculator that allows producers to assess costs and benefits based on their own data, with a breakdown of various parameters.

In addition, our website includes a wealth of information and data on our products, as well as tips for successful silage management.

We invite you to visit the site and explore its interactive features. Have more questions, or would you like to arrange a silage audit by one of our specialists? We’d love to help. Feel free to send me a message here, or contact your local Chr. Hansen representative.