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Northern Agri Brands, LLC, the owner of seed genetics technology, announced today they settled their federal Plant Variety Protection Act lawsuit filed last year against Brad Ashburn and Brad Ashburn Farms LLC of Fort Worth, Texas.“We believe it is important for seed dealers to have a level playing field and for producers to follow the law when selling and offering for sale federally protected varieties,” said Ted Rogers of Northern Agri Brands, LLC.

The lawsuit claimed infringement of the TriCal 348 triticale by advertising and offering for sale harvested triticale in the Amarillo, Texas area. The case was brought after investigators discovered substantial amounts of harvested and non-certified triticale being offered for sale by Ashburn. The case was ultimately resolved with a Settlement Agreement for $75,000, and the case will be dismissed, releasing the parties from further liability.

“If producers are wanting tomorrow’s improved varieties to have higher quality, better stand-ability, and increased disease tolerance, then our industry needs to show their support for the legal way of doing business,” added Ted Rogers.

About Northern Agri Brands, LLC
Northern Agri Brands, LLC is a Montana based, forage-focused research company. Northern conducts extensive research and testing throughout the US to develop new and improved varieties for farmers.