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Case IH is expanding the 2000 series Early Riser® planter lineup with two new 60-foot configurations for the 2160 large front-fold model. These new planters come in 15-inch and 30-inch configurations to meet the demands of large-scale producers across any terrain or soil type, with unmatched accuracy in seed placement and depth as well as easy serviceability.

“The 2019 planting season drove home the importance of getting the most from every minute in the field,” said Tony McClelland, Case IH planter marketing manager. “Even under more typical conditions, producers tell us they need the equipment to plant more acres more quickly.”

Case IH introduces two new 60-foot configurations for the 2160 Early Riser® large front-fold planter.

More Planting Capacity

Case IH offers the 2160 in two configurations. The split-row unit can plant soybeans or specialty crops in 47 rows with 15-inch spacing and corn in 24 rows with 30-inch spacing, while the other new configuration plants corn or soybeans in 24 rows with 30-inch spacing. Bolstering a 60-foot toolbar, the 2160 Early Riser is the largest split-row planter available from Case IH.

Both include features available only on an Early Riser, including the industry’s most accurate planting technologies. The 2160 also provides 50% more seed and liquid fertilizer capacity than other models in the lineup. This, coupled with minimal daily maintenance and in-cab adjustments, reduces downtime and labor requirements while increasing acres planted.

“Despite grain prices or margins, efficiency is the hallmark among successful farming operations,” McClelland said. “The 2160 is ideal for operations built on efficient equipment fleets and manpower.”

Speed + Size = High-efficiency Planting

Planter size and planting speed work together to maximize the number of acres planted during a given day or optimal planting window.

“The planting window is always tight,” McClelland said. “Within that stretch, we might have only five days that are optimal. How do we ensure more of our crop goes in the ground under the best conditions? The 2160 Early Riser offers a big advantage.”

With ideal weather and field conditions, a producer with a new 2160 Early Riser® large front-fold planter could plant up to 7,200 acres in 10 days.

The new model options offer several features and configurations designed to meet each farming operation’s unique needs:

  • Hydraulic lift on split row for fast conversion between 15-inch-row and 30-inch-row crops
  • Versatility to plant corn or soybeans
  • Optional soybean special version for 15-inch-row crops only
  • Precision seed placement and singulation
  • Plant specialty crops, such as canola, etc.
  • Twenty-four rows with 30-inch-row spacing, with options that are not available on the 2150 front-fold
  • Optional Rowtrac™ Carrier System increases flotation and reduces compaction
  • Wheels in front of the toolbar for soft, sticky and stony conditions
  • Heavy-duty built frame and increased liquid fertilizer capacity at 600 gallons
  • Steerable rear axle improves maneuverability to tight field entrances

“In addition to traditional corn- and soybean-growing regions, the split-row configuration brings big benefits to the wheat-growing regions where producers often rely on their drill when double-cropping soybeans,” McClelland said. “More accurate seed placement and better than 99% singulation can help reduce input costs, all while producing a better stand and higher soybean yields. Plus, the high-capacity efficiency of the planter helps ensure timely planting after cutting wheat.”

Building on the Complete Planter Lineup

These new 2160 Early Riser configurations will be available for the 2020 planting season.

“Producers can customize their planter to their soil types, terrain, fertilizer and chemical application needs, crop residue management preferences, and high-speed, high-efficiency planting,” McClelland said.

The 47R15 and 24R30 configurations are new additions to the 2160 Early Riser large front-fold planter offering, also available in 32-row 30-inch or 36-row 20-, 22- or 30-inch configurations. The 2000 series portfolio also includes the 2130 Early Riser stack-fold model, available with 12-row and 30-, 36-, 38- or 40-inch spacing or 16-row with 30-inch spacing; 2140 Early Riser pivot-transport planter, available in 23-, 24-, 31- or 32-row configurations with 15-, 20- or 22-inch spacing and a split-row configuration option; and the 2150 Early Riser front-fold planter, available in 12-, 16- or 24-row 30-inch configurations.

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