Sept. 22, 2019 02:45 PM

RACE-approved Antimicrobial Stewardship Education now available online

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Food Armor, an organization dedicated to improving antimicrobial stewardship practices in food animal agriculture, announced the launch of an online educational platform providing high quality stewardship education to veterinarians.

“We at Food Armor have been teaching antimicrobial stewardship for years in the classroom, bringing together all stakeholders into the conversation - veterinarians, farmers and the supply chain - and now we’re excited to take our knowledge and methods online,” said Dr. Nigel Cook, Food Armor Committee Member.

Through a self-paced program, Food Armor will comprehensively guide learners through developing the habits and tools to empower their practices and their on-farm teams, states Dr. Cook.

Additionally, all online courses have been approved for RACE continuing education credits.

“Antimicrobial stewardship is an increasingly critical part of food animal agriculture, and as a trusted resource, veterinarians are natural stewardship leaders,” said Dr. Jennifer Walker, President of the Food Armor Foundation Board of Directors. “Becoming Food Armor Accredited through these online courses shows the supply chain your committment to stewardship.”

Whether a seasoned veterinarian or just starting out, Food Armor is for you. To learn more, visit or visit us at booth 1010 at the AABP conference in St. Louis, Mo.

Food Armor is a 501(c)3 foundation providing antimicrobial stewardship education and accreditation services to food animal veterinarians and farmers to safeguard animal, public and environmental health and welfare.