Aug. 31, 2022 09:22 AM

New standard round baler upgrades, an all-new Professional series of round balers, additional sizes of center pivot disc mower conditioners and small square baler technology upgrades deliver greater flexibility and performance

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A successful hay season starts with industry-leading equipment. While Case IH RB5 series round balers, DC3 series disc mower conditioners and the small square baler family have long-delivered the reliability and efficiency producers can count on, new models and upgrades to each lineup — as well as the addition of an all-new, high-efficiency Professional (Pro) series of round balers — further improve that reliability.

“These welcome additions to our industry-leading hay equipment portfolio further bolster a suite of performance-enhancing tools growers know and love,” said Brian Spencer, Case IH hay and forage equipment marketing manager. “With new options available to them, producers will experience even higher quality hay and overall productivity improvements.”

Additions include a new Pro series round baler, an upgraded Standard series round baler with wrapping system and pickup width enhancements, all-new center pivot disc mower conditioners in additional sizes, and technology upgrades to existing small square baler models.

Whether it’s wet silage, dry hay or stalks that need baling, the Case IH round baler family — which includes Standard, Premium and Pro models — has been improved to give growers the efficiency and reliability they need in one machine.

New RB6 HD Pro round baler and options give growers a powerhouse hay lineup

The latest addition to the Case IH round baler family, RB6 HD Pro series balers are designed and engineered to handle higher annual bale counts with a host of features that improve performance during long days in the field. Specifically built to tackle wet and heavy silage, RB6 HD Pro balers grant users superior speed while offering fewer moving parts and chains, making for lower overall maintenance and greater productivity. Highlighted features include:

  • A new heavy-duty drive system provides durable operation and longer life.
  • A rugged main gear box offers efficient transfer of power that drives from both the left and right.
  • An Extra-Wide, 82-inch tine-to-tine, heavy-duty 5-bar pickup to maximize productivity.
  • Dual zone in-cab density allows operators to set both core and outer densities based upon bale storing needs.

Upgrades and additions to existing round baler models have also been made. To start, the Case IH RB565 Premium round baler now features a new heavy-duty drive option with larger chains and sprockets, and a larger main gear box and higher capacity cutout clutch. For lower bale count producers, growers can take advantage of the new RB456A standard round baler, which features a 30 percent wider pickup, a stuffer feeding system and an upgraded wrapping system.

The new RB6 HD Professional round balers are meant to meet the high bale count hay producers’ needs.

Coupled together, these new models and options allow growers to create higher-quality hay in denser bales that cut down on high workloads and give operators more time to get the job done with less overall maintenance.

New disc mower conditioner center-pivot sizes offer big productivity in a small package

Along with DC3 series disc mower conditioners, which provide industry-leading cut and crimp for optimal windrow formation and superior nutrient retention, Case IH now offers new size options for center-pivot DC5 series disc mower conditioners, giving greater performance in a smaller package. Additional agronomic innovations provide superior crop flow and faster dry down while no-tool adjustments and new sizes get operators to and from the field faster. New models include:

  • DC105 disc mower conditioner: A new configuration offers truly modular cutterbar with no-tool adjustments. A smaller center pivot creates greater efficiency and productivity in a smaller package size, with easier road, bridge and small-field navigation. Includes 10 ft. 1 in. cut width. Offers rubber or flail conditioning system. New styling and decals create a sleek, modern look.

  • DC125 disc mower conditioner: A longer swath gate with adjustments to fins and wedges offers cutting and windrow enhancements over previous designs. A smaller center pivot creates simple navigation and higher productivity in tight spaces. Includes a 11 ft. 7 in. cut width. Offers rubber, steel rolls or flail conditioning. Similar to the DC105, new styling and decals offer an updated look.

  • DC135 disc mower conditioner: Replacing the DC133 disc mower conditioner, the DC135 provides industry-leading cut and crimp for superior hay quality and optimal windrow formation. A center pivot configuration offers simple navigation, while a 13 ft. 1 in. cutterbar width and eight discs make for enhanced productivity. Offers rubber, steel rolls or flail conditioning.

  • DC165 disc mower conditioner: Replacing the DC163 disc mower conditioner, the DC165 offers an even larger cutterbar — 16 ft. 5 in. — and ten discs for heavy-duty performance. Similar to other models, a center pivot configuration creates simple navigation. Offers rubber or steel roll conditioning.

DC125 disc mower conditioners offer cutting and windrow enhancements over previous designs.

Small square balers receive productivity-boosting tech upgrades

With new smart features designed to improve bale length consistency and track data — such as bale count, bale length and more — the original lineup of SB series small square balers has been improved to help operators bale more efficiently than ever before.

Upgrades include a new small square electronic bale length control system option, which provides greater consistency in bale length and makes transportation of uniform bales a cinch. Additionally, options to set up bale count, average flakes per bale, average length of bale, bales per hour and other farm and field data offer greater performance tracking while maximizing uptime all in the palm of your hand.

New hay equipment, same powerhouse performance

While the round baler, disc mower conditioner and small square baler lineups have long been known for their powerhouse performance in and off the field, new additions and upgrades are designed to build on that performance, significantly increasing uptime and efficiency.

“Each addition or upgrade we’ve made has been driven by what growers want and need from their hay equipment,” Spencer said. “With this new, customer-focused lineup, we’re proud to say that Case IH offers a suite of hay tools for every kind of operation.”

New round baler, disc mower conditioner and small square balers are available to order. For more information, contact your local Case IH dealer or visit

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