Jan. 26, 2023 03:33 PM

Envu will have a significant presence at NCBA to celebrate its future with an engaging booth experience, educational Learning Lounge session and an exciting giveaway

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The Envu Range & Pasture team is ready to make history at NCBA. Building on a 50-year legacy of excellence, Envu launched in 2022 as a stand-alone company focused solely on environmental science. Envu will celebrate its future at NCBA by delivering an engaging booth experience and sharing essential expertise with ranchers.

“This will be a historic NCBA for our company and the entire industry,” said Mark Clodfelter, head of marketing for Envu Range & Pasture. “Ranchers will see that Envu will continue to be a trusted partner that will push boundaries and bring innovative solutions to solve their toughest problems. We encourage attendees to visit with us at our booth #2139 and stop by our Learning Lounge session to experience this partnership firsthand.”

This year, Envu Range & Pasture will have a significant presence at NCBA:

  • Learning Lounge Session: Stop by the Learning Lounge on Thursday, February 2 at 4:30 p.m. Envu Range & Pasture experts from across the country will discuss best practices to help ensure rangelands are as profitable as possible. The team will share insights on how to control the toughest annual grasses and broadleaf weeds across the South. Whether you are struggling with ryegrass, foxtail, crabgrass, sandbur or something else, the Envu experts will answer your most pressing questions and share their expert recommendations.

  • Rezilon® Herbicide 360 Plot Tour: Envu Range & Pasture is launching the interactive Rezilon® Herbicide 360 Plot Tour at NCBA to share best practices for controlling unwanted grasses and broadleaf weeds throughout the South. Ranchers can take the plot tour and talk one-on-one with experts at Envu booth. They can also access the plot tour on the Envu website.

  • Envu Welcome: Stop by the Envu booth on February 1 from 4:30-7:00 p.m. for a happy hour to celebrate the beginning of Envu. Guests will enjoy complimentary beer and a "Cajun Mary" bar.

  • Expert Advice: At the Envu booth, experts will share industry-leading expertise on rangeland, pasture and hayfield management while also providing an inside look at the most innovative solutions in the industry:
    • Rezilon® herbicide is a preemergent herbicide for annual grass and broadleaf weed control in warm-season bermudagrass and bahiagrass pastures or hayfields
    • Rejuvra® herbicide is a restoration herbicide that features a unique mode of action for rangelands and provides long-lasting control of invasive annual grass and broadleaf weed species, including cheatgrass, medusahead, ventenata and red brome.
    • Invora® herbicide restores land with innovative chemistry that redefines brush control by eliminating brush like mesquite and huisache with a single application.

  • Cattle Drone Giveaway: Visit the Envu booth to enter for a chance to win a cattle drone.

  • RangeView™ Demonstration: RangeView is a digital ranching platform that helps you create a plan to identify and eliminate invasive grasses, weeds and brush. Visit the Envu booth for a product demonstration and to learn more about this essential technology.

“The entire Envu Range & Pasture team is looking forward to reconnecting with our friends from across the country at NCBA,” said Clodfelter. “We are bringing industry-leading expertise and impactful products to show ranchers that we are committed to helping them for the long haul.”

Visit the Envu website to learn more and make sure to stop by booth #2139.

About Envu

Envu was founded in 2022, a new company built on years of Bayer experience, for the sole purpose of advancing healthy environments for everyone, everywhere. Envu offers dedicated services in: Professional Pest Management, Forestry, Ornamentals, Golf, Industrial Vegetation Management, Lawn & Landscape, Mosquito Management, and Range & Pasture. Across each of its lines of business, Envu focuses its work in chemistry and beyond, collaborating with customers to come up with innovative solutions that will work today and well into the future. Envu’s portfolio consists of over 180 trusted and well-known brands. The company employs nearly 900 people and operates in more than 100 countries with four global innovation hubs. For additional information, visit the Envu website.