May 1, 2023 08:00 AM

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Every strong reputation starts with strong weed control. Now is the perfect time for hay growers to get ahead of fall and winter annual weeds so they can deliver their customers consistent quality. Year after year, growers throughout the South have reported struggles in controlling weed infestations. This is a significant issue that can impact hay quality and grower reputation, but it can be fixed this season and for the long haul.

The key for growers to keep problem weeds and grasses away and maximize desirable grasses is to plan ahead and be proactive about protecting their hayfields. This change of mindset can deliver results and grow reputation. When it comes to controlling fall and winter annual weeds, Envu Range & Pasture recommends an application of Rezilon® herbicide in the late summer while following label directions carefully. There are several reasons why an early application of Rezilon herbicide delivers unrivaled control of annual weeds:

  1. It’s easier and more effective than the industry standard. Once applied, Rezilon herbicide can remain on the soil surface with no degradation from sunlight while waiting on rainfall for activation. This means growers can apply the treatment early and not have to worry about its effectiveness later. Growers could see higher-quality forage on their first cut as a result of controlling annual weed species early.

  2. It controls weeds before they emerge. Controlling weeds before they emerge is more effective than controlling them once they have germinated. When weeds have already germinated or perennial species are present, growers need to take extra, more difficult steps like tank-mixing for postemergence control. Rezilon herbicide is an easy-to-use preemergence herbicide that’s effective for annual grass and broadleaf weed control.

  3. It can lead to long-term control.* Rezilon herbicide provides extended weed control other products cannot match. It has a unique mode of action that provides effective, long-lasting control of troublesome weed species, even those that are resistant to other herbicides, such as glyphosate. This translates into less frequent applications and increased quality to keep your customers coming back.

  4. It offers growers flexibility. Weather can be unpredictable in the fall, with windy or rainy conditions often hindering applications. The residual that Rezilon herbicide offers gives growers greater flexibility, allowing for earlier application for preemergence control ahead of any adverse weather.

Rezilon herbicide controls more than 60 broadleaf and annual grass weeds, including species that have developed herbicide resistance, such as ryegrass. Using Rezilon herbicide as directed can lead to higher-quality hay on the first harvest, and it also reduces the time and money hay growers would need to spend on additional herbicide applications. Bermudagrass wakes up from dormancy in need of available moisture, space, and fertility and without the stress of competing with uncontrolled weeds.

Envu Range & Pasture encourages hay growers in the South who are struggling to control annual weeds to visit to learn more about solutions and contact a representative. It can be the key to growing their reputation for the long haul.

*4 to 6 months of anticipated control per application.


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