Spring seed availability update

By Hay and Forage Grower

According to an informal survey of suppliers, available seed for spring planting is a mixed bag. The survey was conducted by Dan Foor, chief executive officer for LaCrosse Seed in LaCrosse, Wis.

Here was the breakdown on availability:

Very good

Alfalfa (named and variety not stated [VNS] dormant)


Red clover (named and common)

White clover

Meadow fescue

Orchardgrass (early maturity)

Forage peas

Reed canarygrass (VNS)

Perennial ryegrass

Smooth bromegrass

Meadow bromegrass

Timothy (named and VNS)


Tall fescue (public and named varieties)


Forage oats

Orchardgrass (late maturity)

Reed canarygrass (named varieties)

Annual ryegrass


Forage sorghum


Extremely tight

Kura clover