Liphatech’s® Rozol® Vole Bait approved to manage Townsend Ground Squirrels (TGS) under new 24(c) Special Local Need labels in Utah & Nevada

Figure 2: TGS exiting an active burrow

Rozol Vole Bait (RVB), a restricted use pesticide, has been used and trusted to manage voles in dormant orchards, and in border areas and buffer strips adjacent to crops for decades. Following extensive field testing conducted by Mark Nelson and Nicki Frey of Utah State University, Beaver & Iron County Extension respectively, RVB has received Special Local Need (SLN) labels for use in Idaho, Utah and Nevada. Liphatech is seeking the approval of an alternate brand name “Rozol TGS” in all three states.

Figure 1: Townsend Ground Squirrel eating alfalfa
Townsend’s ground squirrels (TGS) are common pests in agricultural crops, rangeland, and pastures (Figure 1). Their burrows cause injury to livestock and damage agricultural equipment (Figure 2).

TGS digging brings fresh weed seeds to the surface, facilitating infestations of noxious weeds, some of which are toxic to livestock. TGS can decrease available forage by up to 49%. In addition to direct crop loss and increased input costs, TGS can damage underground irrigation, drainage systems and wiring, and mounds can slow harvest and damage harvesting equipment. According to Mr. Nelson: “the reduction in alfalfa and other crop yields combined with the cost of controlling them is in the hundreds of thousands of dollars in western Utah alone. Current control programs such as shooting, flooding, treating with zinc phosphide, and using fumigants have not been effective.”

Field Trial Highlights: Three spot bait applications (one-quarter cup or ~2 oz. per spot) totaling a combined 6-7 lbs. per acre applied over two weeks resulted in effective TGS control documented by two independent census methods.

Labeled use patterns: The SLNs for Rozol Vole Bait permit its use on Townsend’s ground squirrels in fallow agricultural land, rangeland and border areas / buffer strips adjacent to crops. It can be applied via spot baiting around burrows or via secured, tamper-resistant bait stations.

Figure 2: TGS exiting an active burrow

Rozol Vole Bait for TGS is made with 0.005% chlorophacinone invented by Liphatech. There is no need to pre-treat making it easy-to-use, and its quick acceptance means less repeat applications, resulting in labor savings for a low applied cost per acre. Rozol Vole Bait for TGS is formulated as a paraffinized weather-resistant pellet, and is available in convenient, economical 50 lb. bags. The SLN label must be in the possession of the user at the time of application. For more information, see the entire SLN label: EPA SLN Nos. ID 180001, NV-180001, UT 18-0009.

Stewardship: Liphatech offers integrated pest management training to fit diverse meeting schedules. This content is ideal for continuing education events for landowners at farm dealers, crop/ranch association or county extension meetings. To find out more, contact Michael Brownell (Valier, MT) with details about your event at: or 414-559-4436.

Controlling Other Field Rodents: Rozol is also available in other restricted-use pesticide formulations and labels for the control of pocket gophers and voles (meadow mice). Rozol’s pocket gopher bait label (a treated grain formulation, EPA#7173-244) allows below-ground application using a mechanical burrow builder or probe. Rozol’s Vole Bait label (formulated as a weather- resistant paraffinized pellet, EPA#7173-242) allows broadcast use in dormant orchards and year- round use on border areas and buffer strips around crop fields.

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