Valley® Makes Irrigation Scheduling Simpler, More Precise and More Profitable For Growers

Valley® Irrigation is proud to announce the North American release of its advanced irrigation management software to help growers make better irrigation decisions: Valley Scheduling.

Valley Scheduling, coupled with the services of an agronomy expert, provides easy-to-understand irrigation recommendations based on field-proven science. Just enter farm information, preferences and field data such as soil, crop type, development stage and weather information source, and our industry-best software compiles the data and shows how much water crops need in an intuitive map or list view.

Valley Scheduling:
  • Is simple to use – Read the easy-to-understand recommendations to decide a schedule for smart irrigation application.

  • Offers complete data and convenient access, with a choice of intuitive views accessible anywhere via your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.

  • Saves time – Eliminates daily visits to the field and complex calculations you used to have to do yourself.

  • Increases yield potential and profitability – Growers use less energy and fewer resources by watering and fertigating the right amount in the right places and at the right times.

  • Improves crop health and reduces disease – Growers can monitor potential crop stress due to over- or under-watering, and increase production and yield quality.

  • Offers customizable options that other brands do not – Select either modeled (based on a proprietary algorithm) or measured (by hardware in the field) data.

  • Is flexible – can be used with multiple soil types and irrigation methods (pivots, linears, drip).
“Growers in North America can now experience the benefits of Valley technology that is field-proven on 35 commercial crops and on over 4 million acres in more than 10 countries,” said Len Adams, Group President, Irrigation and Tubing. “Any way you look at it, Valley Scheduling is further proof that we are the market leader.”

“Valley Scheduling gives us the opportunity to have everything at a finger click,” said Greg Juul, co-owner of G2 Farming near Hermiston, Oregon, who irrigates about 5,000 acres. “Valley Scheduling is another tool – almost another set of eyes in the field – as to where your soil moisture is at, especially with critical crops. It gives us the opportunity to make some educated, quick decisions.”

“Valley Scheduling is one vital part of the Valley toolbox of smart irrigation solutions, allowing growers to see the entire picture, eliminate guesswork and be more efficient,” said Andy Carritt, Vice President, Product Development for Valley. “Valley solutions offer total irrigation management, to help growers maximize their acres and have peace of mind that they are making smarter, timelier and more accurate decisions.”

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About Valley Irrigation
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