Anuvia Plant Nutrients Wins SEAL Award for Environmental Initiatives

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Anuvia Plant Nutrients has been named a winner of the 2018 SEAL (Sustainability, Environmental Achievement and Leadership) Award recognizing leadership and commitment to sustainable business practices.

Anuvia was among 12 companies honored for their specific environmental and sustainability initiatives. Key criteria for selection included: impact metrics, innovation, sharing of insights and investment levels. Anuvia rated highest on both leadership and impact.

“We are honored to receive this recognition,” says Amy Yoder, Anuvia Plant Nutrients CEO. “It reflects our mission to help farmers face the challenges to produce more food for a growing world population more sustainably. As an industry, farming has successfully embraced innovation and technologies that boost production to ever-increasing levels. However, we must be careful to steward the soil with sound practices. Anuvia’s technology allows farmers a way to protect the very resource that provides sustenance for all living things.”

Anuvia’s fertilizer technology addresses the issue of how to produce more food and do so sustainably. Located in Zellwood, Fla., Anuvia manufactures homogenous multi-nutrient enhanced efficiency plant nutrients. Their unique proprietary technology slowly releases nutrients in forms readily available to plants helping to reduce nutrient loss via leaching and volatilization. Anuvia’s technology efficiently feeds plants as it feeds the soil by returning up to 16 per cent organic matter back to the soil thereby improving soil health. Anuvia’s products improve yields, soil health and a contribute to a healthier environment.

In the United States, farming is responsible for approximately nine per cent of all greenhouse gas emissions. When Anuvia products are used, greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced as much as 27 per cent on the acre.

“We understand the economics of providing plug and play inputs, and the importance of sustainable resource efficient farming practices.” Yoder says. ‘Our products are part of the solution that will help farmers profitably achieve higher yields while protecting the environment and preserving our natural resources for future generations.”

The SEAL Awards celebrate organizations that embrace responsibility to drive change. According to Matt Harney, founder of the SEAL Awards, “Companies have a unique opportunity and responsibility to drive environmental progress. Recipients of this award demonstrate our core beliefs that environmental progress requires true leadership; leadership deserves recognition; and recognition is a form of accountability. We are excited to honor Anuvia’s sustainability leadership.”

Anuvia products and its technology represent a model for the circular economy: effective re-use of resources creating products of economic value. Its products hold the promise to make agriculture more sustainable by reducing nutrient loss in the environment while delivering a balanced nutrient package for healthier crops.

About Anuvia

Headquartered in Zellwood, Fla., Anuvia Plant Nutrients was founded by industry veterans to help large-scale agriculture and turf organizations fulfill their promise to become more sustainable and productive. The company’s patented technology, products and know-how enable farmers to put back into the land what their farm operations have extracted.