Dairyland Laboratories Inc. and Northwest Labs LLC Collaborate on Feed and Forage Testing at Jerome, ID Location

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Dairyland Laboratories announces that it is collaborating with Northwest Laboratories LLC to provide feed and forage testing services from Northwest Lab’s Jerome, Idaho location. Northwest Labs will continue to provide milk and animal diagnostic testing independent of Dairyland Laboratories.

Kyle Taysom, Business Development Manager with Dairyland Laboratories, says, “This collaboration strengthens the feed and forage testing services that Dairyland is able to provide to a major milk producing area by improving accessibility and turn-around time for customers. The service that Northwest Labs has provided, plus the wide breadth of Dairyland offerings, create an exciting expansion of value for our clients.”

Brock Peterson, owner of Northwest Labs, LLC, says, “Working with Dairyland allows us to dramatically expand the types of feed and nutrients we are able to analyze, while also giving our customers access to a broad set of technologies to create and manage their data in valuable ways.”

The Jerome laboratory is located at 150 Bridon Way, Jerome, ID 83338. The phone number in that location is (208) 324-7511. Most test results are available within one business day of arriving at the laboratory, so producers and nutritionists can quickly implement decisions based on the quality characteristics of their feeds and forages.

Dairyland Laboratories is a completely independent laboratory providing extensive analysis of feed, forage, soil, water, manure, molds and mycotoxins. Established in 1958, they have grown to become a primary supplier of agriculture analysis with customers in 42 states, 6 Canadian Provinces and over a dozen foreign countries.