Farm to Table connects “foodies” to Hoard’s

By Corey Geiger, Managing Editor, Hoard's Dairyman


With the dinner tent snuggled right up to the glass windows of the Hoard’s Dairyman Farm’s milking parlor, consumers who attended the “Wisconsin Farm to Table” culinary experience were constantly reminded of the great care and effort that farmers take every day to grow food. That’s because the milking parlor was in full action as all five courses were served to the dinner guests on the evening of September 12. As the delicious meal was served, the farm’s Guernseys and Jerseys did their part moving through the parlor just like a finely tuned orchestra . . . although a few curious cows would stop and pose for photos from time to time.

That said, the plan developed by Hoard’s Dairyman Farm Manager Jason Yurs and the 10 core members of the Wisconsin Farm to Table committee worked to perfection as Mother Nature also played her part by providing a beautiful fall evening. The nearly 100 “foodies” (consumers who really delve into the origin of their foods) experienced a hands-on farm tour, interactions with a host of farmers who provided food for the event, great appetizers and drinks, all followed by a five-course meal.

Ultimately the goal of this experience, and those like it throughout the country, is to bring a community of consumers together through food grown and raised by local farmers and thoughtfully prepared by a local chef. The chef for this event was Tyler Sailsbery, a former Wisconsin FFA officer who owns The Black Sheep and Fin & Hooves restaurants. The local farmers contributing food to the meal are experts in their fields, working together to bring local flavors and ingredients. And the food for this event could also be found in grocery stores.

To gain a better appreciation of the Wisconsin Farm to Table event, click on the seven-photo slide show above. A thanks goes to photographer Sami Benz for sharing these images. Also, NBC 15 News out of Madison, Wis., promoted the event beforehand, and this video link includes one of the entrées prepared by Sailsbery.