Alliance Tire Launches High-Load VF Tire for Floaters and Grain Carts

Alliance Agriflex 377 flotation radial tire

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Alliance Agriflex 377 flotation radial tire

The massive, round-shouldered Alliance Agriflex+ 377 flotation radial tire from Alliance Tire Americas, Inc. (ATA) brings very-high flexion (VF) sidewall technology to floaters, spreaders and grain carts to improve performance and reduce soil compaction.

"The new Alliance Agriflex+ 377 radial is built to be tough on one hand—with steel radial belts, a reinforced carcass and a new stubble-guard compound—and gentle on the other, with great flotation and rounded shoulders to minimize ruts," says Nick Phillippi, National Product Manager—Agriculture for ATA. "The Agriflex+ 377 also has deep, curved lugs for dependable traction in the field on both flat and hilly terrain. Those lugs overlap in the center to deliver a smoother ride and reduced wear on pavement. This is a tire designed for big, heavy equipment that needs to work hard in the field and on the road while protecting soils from compaction that could otherwise limit yield for years."

Phillippi adds that the lug and shoulder design of the Alliance Agriflex+ 377 are optimized to eject mud and residue to the side, maintaining a high level of traction and reducing stubble damage.

"The Alliance Agriflex+ 377 is protected from stubble damage in two key ways—by our latest stubble-guard compound and by its ability to eject crop residue," he notes. "It's a whole new level of resistance to stubble damage."

Phillippi points out that Alliance Tire Group (ATG) has been a world leader in flotation tire technology for decades. The company developed the industry's first radial flotation tire in the 1990s and launched the first VF flotation radial in 2015.

"We felt we were already leading this segment in performance and overall value, but we feel this new Alliance Agriflex+ 377 will really raise the bar," he says.

Alliance has launched the Agriflex+ 377 in three sizes: VF 750/50R26, VF 1050/50R32 and VF 1000/50R25. More sizes are in development.

About Alliance Tire Group (ATG):

Alliance Tire Americas, Inc. (ATA) is the American sales and marketing arm of the Alliance Tire Group (ATG), a global leader in agricultural, logging, construction, material handling and other off-the-road (OTR) tires. The company’s Alliance, Galaxy, and Primex brands have earned global reputations for excellence and performance. Alliance Tire Americas is also the exclusive U.S. distributor for Aeolus TBR tires, and also markets its own Constellation brand of TBR and OTR tires.

With its US-based field engineering, R&D, sales and customer service staff, ATA is in the field every day, solving problems and creating new products to help farmers, contractors, loggers, and truckers get the most out of their equipment.

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