AGCO to Bring Fendt 300 Vario Series Tractors to North America

Light, agile premium models from 100 to 132 HP tackle hay, livestock and general chores with Fendt quality, comfort and versatility

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AGCO Corporation (NYSE:AGCO), a worldwide manufacturer and distributor of agricultural equipment, will bring the fourth generation ofFendt® 300 Vario® tractors to North American producers for delivery in early 2022. The 300 Vario tractors are light yet powerful, offering the features and superior quality of larger Fendt tractors in a range perfect for hay and livestock production, field work and general farm use. Customers will be able to choose from models that all deliver the fuel efficiency, maneuverability and comfort expected from a Fendt.

“Soon North American producers who want the excellence of Fendt engineering in an efficient, mid-size tractor will be able to order a Fendt 300 Vario model, configured and equipped with the features that best fit the needs of their operations,” says Tom Turner, AGCO strategic marketing manager. “We’re excited to begin previewing this tractor to customers now.

“Just like the Fendt 700 Gen6 tractors, the four 300 Vario models will be available with the new FendtONE™ operator station that allows each operator to customize the tractor to their individual preferences for each chore. And FendtONE provides the entire suite of Fendt smart farming technology for full connectivity from the tractor to the office.”

Light, agile, productive and efficient

Two characteristics that will set the Fendt 300 Vario tractors apart in the marketplace are their outstanding weight-to-power ratio and agility, traits particularly beneficial for loader work in the tight quarters of livestock operations, inside barns and when feeding livestock. The 300 Vario will include four models, the 311 (100 HP), 312 (113 HP), 313 (123 HP) and the new 314 with 132 HP and up to 142 HP with the Fendt DynamicPerformance (DP) power boost. DynamicPerformance automatically adds 10 HP when it senses the need ‒ either pulling a load or when stationary, running a PTO-driven implement such as a feed grinder-mixer. Especially notable, the premium Fendt 314 ProfiPlus won AgriTechnica’s Tractor of the Year Best Utility award in both 2019 and 2020.

With an unladen weight of just 11,045 pounds, the 314 Vario boasts just over 83 pounds per horsepower yet can be ballasted up to 18,739 pounds when the work at hand calls for more weight. These agile machines provide all of Fendt’s suspension innovations for ride comfort and stability, with a mere 13-foot turning radius. They are powered with a 4.4L AGCO Power™ engine that works in unison with the Fendt tractor management system (TMS), automatic maximum load control and Fendt stepless VarioDrive™ continuously variable transmission (CVT) for optimum power, fuel efficiency and machine life.

Workhorse features excel at implement handling and productivity

“The role of a mid-range tractor on the farm is to do any job asked of it, reliably and economically,” Turner says. “The 300 Vario tractors have been doing that since they were first introduced in 1980. The latest 300 Vario tractors can be equipped to handle a full range of front and rear implements, and they are designed specifically to handle the constant reversing and speed changes needed for loader work.” The Fendt 300 Vario features live third-function loader operation controlled to make easy work of feeding livestock and other tasks around the farm with the Fendt Cargo™ loader that directly integrates into the tractor.

Fendt comfort is paramount

All the operator comfort features Fendt is renowned for can be found on the Fendt 300 Vario tractors coming to North America. In addition to front axle suspension, the 300 Series tractors will be available with either mechanical or pneumatic cab suspension for a comfortable, quiet ride. The standard comfort operator seat features air suspension and easy armrest adjustment. The optional super comfort seat has a seat heater, rotary adapter and pneumatic lumbar support, prerequisites for comfortable work during long days of field work and chores.

All tractor functions are easy to access at the operator’s fingertips. The tractors are controlled through the 12-inch primary display, the ergonomically designed multifunction joystick and control buttons, all integrated into the armrest itself. The new 10-inch “digital dashboard” is situated on the steering column. An optional 12-inch pull-down display recessed into the roof liner is available to provide up to 12 user-selected panels of information that can be shown across the armrest and pull-down displays.

Full suite of precision technology in a mid-sized tractor

Customers who desire the utmost in precision farming and connectivity across their entire fleet can now turn to the mid-sized Fendt 300 Vario tractors. Profi models will be available with Fendt Connect, a telemetry package with three-year subscription standard. It provides location, machine and other valuable operating information helpful to fleet equipment managers.

The ProfiPlus level includes the Fendt Connect package, plus the guidance-ready Fendt Guide package with a choice of either Trimble® (AG-382) or NovAtel® (SMART7) receivers. ProfiPlus models also come with Fendt TaskDoc®, which automates crop production documentation and provides the option of variable-rate control for up to five products and section control of up to 36 sections.

Comprehensive warranty and service

Each Fendt 300 Series tractor is backed by Fendt Gold Star Customer Care, assuring more value and more uptime. This includes a full 36-month/3,000-hour warranty, with no deductible, and covers all scheduled maintenance, including the cost of oil, filters, belts and maintenance items, during this time.

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