Haybuster Launches H-1135, 11' Tub Grinder Upgrade

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Nearly a decade ago, Haybuster, a subsidiary of DuraTech Industries International, unveiled its H-1130 Haybuster tub grinder. This 11-foot tub grinder quickly became an industry staple in the hay and corn grinding market. After years of success, Haybuster incorporated many upgrades based on customer feedback and new technology. It continues to provide what customers like and delivers what today's customers want.

Improved features and benefits:

The all-new belt drive features a
simpler, low maintenance drive
that can handle the big horsepower.

Super Single tires and rims

allow more machine weight capacity

with higher transport speed.

Electronic governor controls eliminate manual valves and offer a smooth, more reactive tub feed control. The governor also helps with maintenance schedules by monitoring both grind hours and total job hours.

• Remote control allows users to operate the H-1135 from the comfort of the tractor, including tub stop, direction and conveyor up and down.

Carryovers from the H-1130, the popular predecessor:

A single-orbit motor tub drive

grinds smoothly and consistently.

The 90-degree hydraulic tilting tub

provides operator easier access for

maintenance and service.

The 50" rear-mounted hammermill

with forged hammers in the mill

improve productivity and durability.

A 26' long hydraulic folding conveyor

provides maneuverability with the ability to

produce more substantial piles and for loading trucks.

Dual discharge augers

provide smooth transition of

materials to the conveyor.

• A large variety of optional screen sizes produce any size cut a customer may want.

Two PTO options (1 3/8" and 1 3/4" 1000 RPM) to match your tractor requirements.