KUHN Interceptor® 8055 High-Speed Conservation Tillage

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Kuhn North America is pleased to introduce the new Interceptor 8055 high-speed conservation tillage tool for sizing, distributing and incorporating residue into a full cut width of worked soil. Residue is mixed throughout the soil profile, aiding breakdown and preventing a “mat” of residue from being formed either on or below the soil surface. The Interceptor 8055 can be used to control green growth, particularly in the presence of herbicide-resistant weeds.

Unique to the Interceptor 8055, an innovative stability control system helps reduce the “hopping” that often characterizes high-speed, full-width tillage tools. Individually mounted Excalibur® CT blades operate on a shallow compound angle to reduce smearing and compaction by limiting weight on the backside of the blade. 9-inch blade spacing provides a full-width cut-out, and the two parallel rows are arranged in a tandem layout to prevent “dog-tracking” or windrowing of residue. The distance between the rows of blades allows soil and residue to land, reducing the risk of plugging in wet conditions.

Behind the front row of blades, a heavy-duty tine harrow controls soil and residue flow to help prevent buildup in the rear of the machine and improves residue distribution across the field. Depth is controlled from the tires in the center of the machine and is adjusted from a single point. At the rear of the machine, the Star Wheel™ treaders and 24/7® reel attachment provide excellent leveling and clod sizing. Star Wheel pressure is adjustable, and the reel can be raised from the cab for extended run time in wet conditions. Maintenance-free features are incorporated throughout the Interceptor 8055 reducing daily maintenance and increasing machine up-time.

The Interceptor 8055 is available in 30’ (29’ RTK), 36’ (35’ RTK) & 40’ (39’ 6” RTK) working widths and is designed to be used at field speeds of 8 – 10 mph.

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