KUHN GA 13231 & 15231 Quad-Rotor Rotary Rakes

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The new KUHN GA 13231 and 15231 quad-rotor rotary rakes have the size and performance for the most demanding operations. Working widths from 27' 7" to 48' 3" cover large areas quickly, while double-bent tine arms create fluffy windrows while gently handling crop, preserving nutrient content. KUHN's Masterdrive® GIII double-reduction gearbox's ability to move heavy wet crop, handle dry hay gently, and neatly windrow forage is unrivaled in the industry.

The patented KUHN Masterdrive GIII double-reduction gearbox is designed for heavy crops, tough field conditions, and intensive use. Key components are improved to build lighter, yet stronger rotors. These include optimized cam track that minimizes force on the follower bearing, larger follower bearing diameter that reduces rotation speed and pressure on the cam, and reinforced large-diameter main shaft tube. Additional improvements to the tine arms include aluminum alloy tine arm holder housings, tine arms with large-dimension bearings, sturdier pivoting tine support shaft, and reinforced mounting of tine arms on tine holders.

The exclusive “boost function” allows front rotors to rotate 20% faster than the rear rotors, moving forage further to the center of the machine. This reduces the risk of forage clumping to improve drying quality and future collection and harvesting of the windrow.

AEF-certified ISOBUS controls adjust all settings of the rake via the in-cab terminal, these include working and windrow width, simultaneous or individual front rotor lift, raking height, machine folding, etc. KUHN offers two ISOBUS monitor options—the CCI 800 or CCI 1200—both featuring a color touchscreen and the new IHM interface. These rakes can also be easily integrated into an existing ISOBUS terminal that is already installed on the tractor. A programmable CCI A3 joystick and camera are available as options.

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