Gallagher Launches Innovative Lithium Solar Energizers in North America

Revolutionizing Pasture Management with Faster Charging, Longer-Lasting Power Solution for Electric Fencing

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Gallagher is excited to announce the launch of its new Lithium Solar Energizers, a cutting-edge solution designed to meet the diverse needs of farmers, livestock producers, and equine owners across North America. This innovative product line offers faster charging, longer-lasting energy, and unparalleled portability, making it an ideal choice for modern pasture management and rotational grazing.

The market for the Lithium Solar line includes dairy and livestock producers, lifestyle property owners, and equine enthusiasts. These energizers are perfect for applications such as strip grazing, fencing off waterways, silage protection, and crop protection, especially in harsh conditions. Our primary focus is improving pasture productivity and animal growth through efficient grazing management.

"With the launch of our Lithium Solar Energizers, we are proud to bring a significant positive shift into the energizer market," said Doug Jones, General Manager of Gallagher Land & Animal Management - North America. "Our new range enhances energy efficiency and provides farmers and ranchers with reliable and portable power solutions to contain livestock and manage grazing anywhere."

Why Choose Lithium Solar Fence Energizers?

Integrated Solar Energizers is a fast-growing product category. Farmers and ranchers of all sizes desire the compact and classical design and the convenience of having power available wherever and whenever needed. By pioneering this category, Gallagher has maintained its market leadership through continuous innovation.

Key Features of Lithium Solar Energizers:

  1. 300% Faster Charging, Longer Lasting: Lithium batteries contain higher energy density and lower internal resistance, efficiently capturing and storing energy.

  2. Intelligent, Adaptive Energy Control: Smart electronics continuously monitor and adjust energy output to ensure consistent power, even without sunlight.

  3. Reliable Power 24/7: High-voltage battery performance ensures power maintenance in all weather conditions.

  4. Lightweight Portability, Heavyweight Performance: Up to 53% lighter than previous lead acid battery models, improved solar panel efficiency and integrated carry handles make these energizers perfect for on-the-go fencing solutions.

"Our Lithium Solar Energizers are lightweight, longer-lasting, and specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of modern farming and ranching," said Jeff Wilcox, Director of Product Management and New Technologies at Gallagher Land & Animal Management - North America. "They provide farmers with a sustainable and efficient power solution for all their fencing needs."

Jeff Wilcox added, "These energizers are a game-changer for pasture management. By harnessing the power of lithium technology, we ensure that our customers can maintain optimal grazing conditions regardless of weather or location. The portability and durability of these units make them indispensable for effective and sustainable farming and ranching."

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