Reinke Introduces ReinCloud™

New data service customized for growers

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Reinke announces ReinCloud™, a better way to collect and display field and irrigation data for improved irrigation management. ReinCloudallows growers to manage and monitor their irrigation system, analyze soil moisture data, check the weather and more from a single mobile web application.

Growers have access to Reinke irrigation system data, as well as data from connected in-field hardware and industry leading data partners through the application. Data is collected, stored, and can be analyzed and presented through an easy-to-use dashboard.

“The goal of ReinCloud is to give growers worldwide the ability to access and use data that is crucial to their operation,” said Reinke Product Manager Cody Bailey. “Whether it’s remotely monitoring and controlling a center pivot, collecting soil moisture information to adjust irrigation schedules or a personalized weather forecast for day-to-day planning, ReinCloud can help growers make informed decisions quickly and effectively.”

ReinCloud provides growers with a unique and productive experience on their everyday devices including smart phones, tablets or laptops with internet connectivity. ReinCloud also makes it easy for growers to customize their dashboard and add widgets that are most important to them in their daily field management and monitoring operations.

ReinCloud is priced according to the data collection device and is offered through a number of subscription bases, including an annual-only subscription and period-based subscription fees.

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