CircleScout Brand Spearheads Direct-to-Farmer Pivot Monitoring

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Making its mark as a pioneer within agriculture technology, Net Irrigate today announces the launch of the CircleScout brand as a solution for the do-it-yourself farmer. As the center pivot industry’s first completely wireless and self-installable remote monitoring product, CircleScout provides farmers with a unique design that eliminates the need for skilled installation labor associated with high-voltage pivot irrigation systems.

CircleScout makes self-installation unprecedentedly simple. Its palm-sized hardware magnetically attaches to any intermediate tower of the pivot. Completely encapsulated and self-powered, there are absolutely no wires to connect. Once mounted, CircleScout intelligently detects the motion patterns of the pivot and provides real-time alert notifications on irrigation system faults. Setup is completed via a convenient user-friendly mobile app.

“We’re proud of this technical innovation and the fact that it fosters an entirely new category of pivot monitoring solutions,” said Eddie DeSalle, CEO of Net Irrigate. “CircleScout is the industry’s first direct-to-pivot product, paving the way for the do-it-yourself farmer. Today, the majority of pivots still remain unconnected due to the complexity of existing solutions and labor bottlenecks. However, CircleScout finally offers farmers the opportunity to safely take their equipment installation into their own hands.”

Developed by Net Irrigate —the creators of the agriculture industry’s best-selling patented copper theft alarm, WireRat —CircleScout is presently available for lease at the introductory price of $119 a year to reflect an economic alternative to upfront capital expenditures associated with telemetry hardware. Each CircleScout is fully warranted with every lease.

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