Growing camelina and canola as biofuels – as well as pest management issues and grower and research experience with buried drip irrigation in alfalfa – will be topics of an Alfalfa/Biofuels Field Day, set for May 9 at the University of California (UC) Agronomy Field Headquarters at Davis.

The afternoon workshop will begin with a sponsored barbecue lunch and run through 3:45 p.m. It comes on the heels of a morning small grains workshop that begins at 8:15 a.m. It will include discussion of wheat pest and disease issues as well as barley and oats breeding and germplasm development of those and other small grains.

The Alfalfa/Biofuels Field Day agenda includes one presentation on establishing alfalfa stands for weed management and stand longevity and another on variety selection. A weed identification contest with prizes, says UC Davis Extension forage specialist Dan Putnam, will also be a part of the program.