The following comments are from the University of California Roundup Ready (RR) alfalfa survey. In random order, these quotes were made by growers on both sides of the genetically modified organism (GMO) issue.

It is not worth it to lose my overseas market because my neighbor wants to plant RR alfalfa.

Due to extreme weed pressure on our ground, if RR alfalfa had not finally been released when it was, we would’ve been unable to continue farming. We and our 15 employees would be unemployed.

It is impossible for RR alfalfa and non-RR alfalfa to coexist without high levels of contamination from RR alfalfa.

I wish that those people who are so negative about RR could experience the benefits that I have waited over 30 years as a commercial alfalfa (grower) to see and experience.

I’ve had a few customers not want to purchase hay from me if it is Roundup Ready. I would suspect that a fair percent of my horse customers would refuse to purchase RR alfalfa.

We have grown about 500 acres. The initial cost is high, but recouped in the first year from herbicide savings.

I don’t see the need for RR alfalfa, I already have an effective weed-control program for conventional alfalfa.

The main advantage for me with RR alfalfa is at establishment to control weeds.

I think RR alfalfa looks like an enormous threat to my intended organic certification of my alfalfa fields and organic alfalfa seed production.

Given the resistance already developing as a result of RR corn, soybeans and cotton, why would we want to add to the problem?

I planted about 25 acres when the RR was initially released. I was very impressed with the weed control and lack of setback seen with other herbicides.

 I think RR alfalfa is a great crop that has many benefits including weed control, especially during crop rotations, which will help lead to better future crops.

 I think that there is too much worrying being done about the use of all technologies, not only in crops but in livestock production.

 I have grown RR less than 100 yards from organic alfalfa for five years with no issues from my buyers.

We grow alfalfa for seed, and I am quite concerned with contamination of GMO traits entering our production through cross pollination with local RR hayfields.

I’m very concerned about the weed resistance issue. We are growing other RR crops and glyphosate is not killing certain weeds by itself.

Anyone who feels they need to use RR needs to change their production model instead of expecting me to pay for it. GMOs are nothing more than a short-term profit model for a vertically integrated food system controlled by greedy profiteers.

 I have experienced yield, quality and persistence improvements over conventional alfalfa.

If all alfalfa is eventually contaminated with GE alfalfa, the rights of the organic growers, and those who want to grow only conventional alfalfa, will be greatly infringed upon.