An advanced biofuel component derived from cellulosic ethanol is being used in 2010-season Formula One racecar fuel supplied to Scuderia Ferrari, Shell announced.

“We are delighted that the fuel we are supplying to Scuderia Ferrari this season contains an advanced bio-component derived from Iogen cellulosic ethanol,” says Lisa Lilley, Shell's technology manager for Ferrari. “This announcement clearly demonstrates our commitment to the development of sustainable, low-carbon fuels.”

Cellulosic ethanol, as an end fuel, is identical to ethanol but it can offer up to 90% less life-cycle carbon dioxide emissions than gasoline. It is a key part of Shell's strategic investment and development program in sustainable biofuels.

The cellulosic ethanol was produced at Iogen Energy's demonstration plant in Ottawa, Canada, using wheat straw and advanced conversion processes. Shell and Iogen are partners in the plant, which produced more than 130,000 gallons of cellulosic ethanol last year.

Shell has been working closely together with Scuderia Ferrari since the middle of last year to develop a fuel that meets the new FIA regulations and maximizes performance for the 2010 season.

Shell and Iogen Energy are working towards construction of a full-scale commercial cellulosic ethanol plant in Saskatchewan, Canada.