A new online hay auction service patterned after eBay – eHayAuctions – has been set up by Midwestern Cattle Marketing, LLC, a Sidney, NE, company specializing in video cattle auctions. It can be found at eHayAuctions.com.

“We saw this as a way to extend a new service to our customers,” says Tom O’Connell, Midwestern Cattle CEO. “Technology makes it possible. The Internet affords sellers an opportunity to market their products faster and gain access to more customers over a larger geographic area.”

O’Connell notes that the new hay auction site links buyers and sellers similarly to eBay. Sellers register, provide descriptions of their hay (photos and test results are optional), set prices and establish auction timeframes. Potential buyers also register, then bid on hay until the price is met, the seller accepts a bid or the auction time lapses. “Competitive bidding is the most accurate form of price discovery there is,” says O’Connell. “Sellers get the best price, and buyers get the best choice.”

Sellers remain in control of their hay until payment is made and hay is transported by the buyer. A fee of $4/ton is paid to the auction company by the seller at the time of listing.

O’Connell believes eHayAuctions is the first of its kind set up to serve an agricultural hay- and forage-oriented audience. “There are any number of other hay listing sites on the Internet. But we’re the only one I know of that is based on the bidding concept. Eventually, I’m sure we’ll see some other tag-along sites pop up.”

Up and running for roughly a month, the site has attracted listings from several sellers. “It’s like any other business startup,” he says. “It takes some time to get your name out there.”

To contact O’Connell, call 308-249-0079 or email tom@midwesterncattle.com.

Editor's Note: eHayAuctions is not affiliated with eHayWeekly.