Another commercial machine on the market that adds moisture to hay is called the Dew Simulator, from Harvest Tec, Hudson, WI.

This separate-pass unit uses a reel with tines that enter the windrow and spray water into it. It makes its pass about 10 minutes before baling and requires a trailer water tank and a separate operator. The Dew Simulator costs $40,000.

“We get a lot of calls this time of year from growers who have hay that they can’t get dew on,” says Jeff Roberts, Harvest Tec president. “But they have to order them in the fall; we don’t keep them in stock.”

Roberts suggests that growers, when researching dew machines, look at how they would make use of one rather than at its purchase price. “Our machine tends to be for people who use it as a backup. They only pull it out when they get periods of dry weather.”

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