Alfalfa Exports Take Heat, Again

As drought continues in much of the West, alfalfa exports are again the subject of criticism for sending much-needed water overseas, according to a National Public Radio report.

“Robert Glennon is a law professor at the University of Arizona and the author of ‘Unquenchable - America's Water Crisis And What To Do About It.’ Those containers filled with alfalfa headed for China - he says, they might as well be filled with massive amounts of fresh water.”

The global demand for U.S. hay is still strong, with China serving as the top destination.

Beef Prices On The Rise

Restaurants and shoppers are making tougher decisions now as the price of beef keeps increasing due to drought. Some restaurants are raising their own prices to cover their costs, reports CBS Sacramento.

“Across the country, Costco and Chipotle have already raised their prices, and local stores like Taylor’s Market in Land Park have followed.”

As we reported in June, beef producers in California have had to cull their herds because they can’t afford expensive hay.

Finally, Rain In Oklahoma

Recent rains in Oklahoma have helped replenish soil and subsoil moisture levels, and that’s good news for the state’s cattle producers, according to Oklahoma State University.

“ ‘Pasture and range conditions show similar improvement with the percent poor and very poor now at 19 percent, compared to 44 percent in May,’ says Derrell Peel, Oklahoma State University Cooperative Extension livestock marketing specialist.”

When drought limits forage supplies, producers can wean beef calves earlier than usual. They should also pay close attention to nutrition and pasture management.

Breaking Down A PETA Video

Dairy Carrie’s first reaction after watching cows slog through knee-high manure in the latest video from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals? That the farm’s conditions were “disgusting” and “how there was absolutely no defending it,” writes Carrie Mess. But when the dairy blogger looked closer, she noticed a few things that didn’t seem right in the video, as she details at her website.

“In this video the alley is so full of manure that if a cow was laying in the stall not only would her hips end up with manure on them, her tail would be covered in it. Once her tail was covered in manure and she flicked at flies, the rest of her body would be covered in manure as well. None of the cows in the video are dirty like that!”

For more on Dairy Carrie, read our story, “Dairy Blog Educates Public, Producers.”