For the latest in forage harvesting and handling equipment this spring, scan through these and the following pages. Gather more information by checking out company Web sites listed below each item.

Baler That Wraps

The Rollant 255 Uniwrap from Claas of America simultaneously bales and wraps round bales. Pickup width is 83"; an optional dual roller crop press is available. With 3" twin wrapping arms, the Uniwrap can wrap six layers of plastic with 52% overlap in 35 seconds per bale. Bale width is 47"; diameter, 49".


Net-Wrap For Round Balers

Vermeer offers an optional net-wrap system on its 5410 Rebel Baler (which makes 47"-wide bales, 36-60" in diameter) and its M series balers — the 504M (47"-wide bales) and its newest baler, the 505M (61"-wide bales). The system feeds net directly to the main belts, avoiding rubber feed rollers, feed belts and cutting knives.

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Faster Round Balers

John Deere has upgraded its 7 Series round balers to allow faster field speeds, improved feeding, and other features to help bale more hay in less time. The 8 Series round balers offer an optional MegaWidePlus Pickup that's 1' wider than the bale chamber — designed to gather crop in wide or wind-blown windrows.


Round Balers, Console System

The 5500 Series advanced technology round balers, from Agco Hesston, come with Agco Global Technologies GTA Console I monitors. The auto-tie balers' monitors allow operators to change baler settings in seconds, make hand adjustments or switch between auto function and manual control.

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Bale Accumulator Upgrade

Hoelscher Inc. has increased bale capacity on its Model 1000 Bale Accumulator. A redesigned push-over arm allows it to accumulate 15 short square bales or 10 standard-length bales. This increases the range of bale lengths — bales as short as 32" can be accumulated. The arm is available for retrofit on accumulators up to 25 years old. Hoelscher also has bale forks that handle 10- or 15-bale packs.

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Bale Wrapper

A heavy-duty bale wrapper, the Taarup 7520, can carry two 2,640-lb bales. From Kverneland Group, the machine gently places bales on a low-mounted table, ensuring bales stay in place while being wrapped at high speeds. Three models include the 7520M, offering semi-automatic operation; the 7520S with similar semi-automatic functions and electric joystick; and the 7520C, equipped with fully automatic computer controls.


Bale Stacker

The Eagle 1200 Pull-Type Big Bale Stacker from Circle C Equipment sits on dual truck axles with spring suspension and stacks twelve 3 × 4', eight 4 × 4' or eighteen 3 × 3' bales. It features a two-stage loading grapple. The bale trap lets one approach and secure bales from any angle.

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Triple Power Disc Mower

Miller Pro's triple power disc mower combines three 10' units — one front-mounted unit and two rear-mounted. Its monoblock cutterbar provides optimal cutting and smooth crop flow. Each cutterbar has seven discs and two quick-change blades per disc. Transport width is 9.7'.

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Windrower Tractor Engines

The Agco Hesston 9365 self-propelled windrower is powered by a clean, powerful Tier III engine built by SisuDiesel. The engine's common rail fuel injection and other technologies lower emissions and increase power density, torque and fuel economy. The 6.6-liter engine produces 190 hp and features an air-to-air intercooler for a more complete burn, producing more power and reducing emissions.


Double Conditioner Header

Agco Hesston's 9180 disc header with Advanced Con-ditioner System (ACS) features two sets of steel-on-steel herringbone conditioning rolls for smooth crop throughput and thorough crimping. Its rotary head is driven from each end of the 15'3" cutterbar to equalize torque load and reduce wear. A turbulence reduction roll moves crop from cutter bed to conditioner rolls, which, set back 8", improve cutoff in light conditions and crop flow in heavy.


Windrower Header

New Holland's 2353 Discbine disc header is a narrower version for HW “5 Series” SpeedrowerT self-propelled windrowers. It delivers a narrow, 13' cutting width — especially advantageous in high-humidity areas where drydown is difficult. The slim operating and transport width of the 10-disc header also make it easier to maneuver in small fields and on tight roadways and lanes.

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Trailed Disc Mower Conditioner

The Taarup 4200 series trailed disc mower conditioner improves cutting performance with a fully welded cutterbar and round discs. Steel conditioning tines bend to let obstacles through without breaking. From the Kverneland Group, it's available in 9'2", 10'6" and 11'8" working widths.


Precision Hay Raking System

The Darf AccuRake precision hay raking system, from Nikkel Iron Works, provides precise depth control of Darf rake tines regardless of terrain. Its precise control of rake tooth height keeps clods and stones out of windrows and reduces dust. It will be available this spring.

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Wider Merger

The Miller Pro Avalanche 310 triple head power merger now moves 34' rather than 30' of crop with each pass. The unit's pickup header and conveyor system form a continuous unit that can go in any direction in the field. It's a match for large disc mowers, tedded fields and high-capacity choppers and balers. Each pickup section is independently controlled from the cab.

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Rotary Rake

Vermeer introduces the RR150 rotary rake that makes windrows up to 30" wide. Working width is 12'-15'6", requiring only a 35-hp tractor. The unit uses a series of 13 raking arms, each equipped with four double tines, for clean, thorough raking action. The arms pivot on a heavy-duty, center-mounted rotor assembly featuring a sturdy gearbox design.

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Hay Rake

Lewis M. Carter Mfg. will introduce the model 8905 hay rake this spring. Features include finished windrow widths of 3'5"-5', raking widths up to 29' and a transport width of 7'2". The rake is hydraulically adjustable and requires two tractor hydraulic remotes.

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