Take a peak at the latest forage harvesting and handling equipment on these and the following pages. For more information, circle the appropriate numbers on the card on page 29. Or log on to freeproductinfo.net/hfg.

Buhler Industries' Inland fixed-chamber, soft-core round balers turn out 5 × 5' or 5 × 6' bales weighing 1,200-1,800 lbs. Soft-core bales are less dense than hard-core bales, allowing hay to breathe and cure with less spoilage, according to the company. Circle 101.

The 745 round baler from Hesston has fewer moving parts, yet offers two balanced-density cylinders and an open-throat vertical bale chamber design. It makes 4 × 5' bales. Circle 102.

New Holland's BB-A big balers offer SuperSweep pickup tines, closely spaced to gather short, fine crops. An InfoView baler control system monitors plunger load and adjusts hydraulic pressure to maintain bale density, size and weight. Circle 103.

New Idea's fully automatic 6400 Series round balers produce high-quality bales with few problems. Design innovations permit easy service access and increased capacity. Circle 104.

The restyled Claas Jaguar Speedstar self-propelled forage harvester utilizes hydrostatic motors and provides 321-605 hp. It features a straight-line crop flow from the intake to accelerator. Circle 105.

Agco's RB452 Challenger round baler makes 4 × 5' bales. Its bale density and belt tension are controlled by a single arm. Its top drive roll includes a back-wrap idler roll that helps to avoid belt slip by keeping tension through belt contact of 238°. Circle 106.

Vermeer's 554XL wide pickup baler features a direct crop feed system that doesn't need secondary stuffers or rotors. Bale width is 47"; diameter is adjustable up to 65". Circle 107.

Krone NA, Inc., adds two triple mowers to its lineup. The EC-8000CV, with finger-type conditioner, has a 26'2" cutting width with a minimum of 170 hp. The EC-9000, with no conditioner, has a 28' cutting width at a minimum of 130 hp. Circle 108.

Miller Pro's 310 Avalanche power merger has three 10'-wide pickup heads mounted next to each other to create a continuous 30'-wide pickup. Circle 109.

Circle C Equipment's Golden Eagle wheel rake has two new wheel options. The Golden Eagle II has rubber-based tines, steel face, and 10 spokes to provide maximum strength. The Golden Eagle I features rugged depth bands to help keep wheel tines above the soil level, reduce the amount of dirt in hay and enhance tine life. Circle 110.

The Hesston 9200 Series self-propelled windrowers come with rotary-disc, dual-sickle-auger or double-swath-draper headers and 85-, 110- or 185-hp engines. Circle 111.

The 9177S side-delivery rake from Taarup, a division of the Kverneland Group, has a total width of 25'. Its side-delivery system, however, allows for up to 45' of crop to be raked into one windrow. Circle 112.

The 691 twin-rotor rotary rake from Pottinger has a working width of up to 22'7" and can be hydraulically adjusted to make one or two left-hand windrows. The second rotor locks directly behind the first for narrow transport. Circle 113.

Haybuster's 2100 Balebuster is semi-mounted, attaching to the lower links of the tractor's three-point hitch for increased maneuverability. The machine's ground clearance is 15". It spreads straw up to 50'. Circle 114.

MDS Manufacturing's 8'-wide front-end loader bucket has a 2-cubic yard volume. Its twin-cylinder “Quik-Tach” grapple fork can be removed in less than five minutes. Circle 116.

Schulte Industries' Equal Angle Hitch, for 540-rpm units, eliminates the need for CV power shafts. It allows for a tighter turning radius with less drawbar weight and stress. Circle 115.

The Versa Bagger ID812 is a commercial version of the pto-driven ID891. The Internal Density machine has a large planetary drive and increased rotor capacity. It's available in 10' or 12' bag sizes. The ID912, pictured, now comes standard with a 240-hp diesel engine. Circle 117.

The heavy-duty Bale Retriever accommodates 7- to 11-tier, three-tie bales, 8 big bales or 10 mid-size bales. From Warren & Baerg, it can be mounted on an operator's truck or the company can supply a truck. Circle 118.

The 10' End Wheel No-Till Drill from Great Plains features large end wheels that are in line with openers to reduce side-loading on hillsides and contours. Circle 119.