If you're shopping for insurance for your business, it might benefit you to call U.S. Custom Harvesters, Inc. (USCHI), Tulia, TX.

USCHI maintains a list of companies that insure custom harvesters and works with insurance companies to provide a range of coverage for its members.

“Our organization doesn't sell insurance, but over the years we've worked with different insurance companies to keep coverage for custom harvesters,” says Shorty Kulhanek, USCHI's immediate past president.

“As a rule, custom harvesters can get insurance, but just about every year there's a company that's canceling out harvesters and ceasing to carry them any longer,” says Kulhanek, of Megargel, TX.

“Some companies consider us a high risk. At times, we've been down to one insurance company. But by working with different agencies we've been able to re-gain coverage. We currently have three major companies we insure with, plus a scattering of smaller ones.”

Kulhanek is putting together a proposal for a new “loss of income” insurance. It would protect custom harvesters from lost income when crops can't be harvested due to a natural disaster.

USCHI serves as a link between custom harvesters and the groups they interact with, such as equipment manufacturers, insurance companies and state governments. The organization has about 700 members. Most are custom grain harvesters, but the group is working to attract more forage harvesters.

Dues are $150/year for custom harvesters; $100/year for associate members. All members get the organization's monthly magazine, Harvest News, and its annual membership directory.

For more information, contact Ellouise House, U.S. Custom Harvesters, Inc., P.O. Box 33, 221 Hwy. 87, Tulia, TX 79088. Phone: 806-995-3087; fax: 806-995-4649; Web site: www.uschi.com.