Members of the Nebraska Alfalfa Marketing Association (NAMA) hope a new video will boost their hay sales.

Titled “Discover The Advantage,” it was shown for the first time at last fall's World Dairy Expo.

“It has certainly attracted attention from potential buyers and given us the opportunity tell our story to people who might not otherwise be familiar with Nebraska alfalfa,” says Barb Kinnan, NAMA's marketing director.

To fund the project, NAMA received a $20,000 specialty crop grant from the Nebraska Department of Agriculture. When that sum fell $5,000 short of the amount needed, Steve Rice volunteered his expertise to make up the difference. Rice, a Wilsonville, NE, alfalfa grower and NAMA board member, is a former video production company co-founder.

Rice, Kinnan and four other NAMA board members brainstormed about what they wanted the video to highlight. Kinnan and Rice wrote the final script.

As producer, Rice coordinated the filming. Working with six hay growers in south-central Nebraska, the crew filmed 14 hours of footage over three days. Hay harvesting, handling, sampling, testing and trucking were included.

To get a free copy, call Kinnan at 800-743-1649 or e-mail your request to To download the video, log on to