Prices paid for small square and large round hay bales increased 20% and 13%, respectively, in the Upper Midwest last week, while large square bale prices dropped 9%.

That’s according to the June 8 Weekly Hay Market Demand And Price Report For The Upper Midwest from Ken Barnett, University of Wisconsin Extension educator. Barnett reported that, compared to the previous week’s amounts, per-ton hay prices were up by $23.80 in South Dakota, $29.15 in southwestern Minnesota and $13.35 in Missouri. But they were steady to $8 lower in Nebraska and $3.95 lower in Iowa. No prices were available for Illinois and Wisconsin.

Small square bales of prime hay (greater than 150 RFV/RFQ) averaged $203.75/ton in the five states last week, while prime hay averaged $188.75 in large squares and $194 in round bales.

Grade 1 hay (125-150 RFV/RFQ) averaged $107.50/ton in large squares and $122.50 in round bales. Grade 2 hay (103-124 RFV/RFQ) brought just over $116/ton in large squares and $117 in large rounds.

Average prices paid for small square bales of straw increased 14% to $4/bale, but straw prices were 18% lower in large square bales, at $30.50/bale, and dropped 4% in round bales, to $38.75/bale, Barnett wrote.