Darryl Lehmitz, West Jordan, UT, expects to continue to get around $225/ton for his good-quality small squares of alfalfa. That price has been consistent through each of the past two years.

“The hay supply in this area is probably similar to (what it’s been) the last couple of years. It’s not real abundant,” explains Lehmitz, who recently harvested his second cutting on 120 irrigated alfalfa acres.

His hay is marketed to horse owners in the Salt Lake City area, mostly within 20 miles of his farm. Although there are fewer customers to sell to these days, demand for small squares never seems to dry up.

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“There’s been a reduction of horse numbers the last three or four years,” he reports. “I guess some people couldn’t justify the cost of keeping their horses any more.”

Last winter, a shortage of small squares helped Lehmitz maintain his price. “Small squares became almost impossible to find.”

He expects to begin third cutting within two weeks. Recent heavy rains have delayed some haying in the area, but the grower notes that he’s had a pretty good haying year.

Contact Lehmitz at 801-718-3327 or darryllehmitz@yahoo.com.