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Jul 8, 2011

Consistency Is Key For High-Producing Dairies

University of Illinois emeritus dairy specialist Mike Hutjens talks about two dairies and how they manage their operations to produce a high-quality, consistent forage. That, in turn, translates to more milk and more profit...More
Jul 6, 2011

Challenges To Changing To High-Forage Rations

Dairy producers need to master several points before feeding high-forage rations successfully, says Larry Chase, Cornell University animal scientist. He outlines three of the points in this short video. For all eight points, read the story below the video....More
Jun 28, 2011

Forage Options For Surviving Drought

Producers in the southeastern U.S., where drought is contributing to a short hay supply, should know how much hay and pasture they have available and how much will be needed to get through a dry period...More
Feb 16, 2011

Managing Roundup Ready Alfalfa Responsibly Video

Although California alfalfa growers primarily seed in late summer and early fall, some will plant Roundup Ready alfalfa this spring, says Dan Putnam...More
Jan 28, 2011

Fuel Price Predictions For 2011

Will diesel and gasoline prices increase substantially this year? It depends on the price of crude oil, says Bruce Jones, University of Wisconsin Extension farm management specialist...More
Nov 5, 2010

Advantages Of Clovers

Clovers – annual and perennial – have a lot to offer forage programs, says Don Ball, Auburn University Extension forage specialist, in an interview with Forrest Laws on behalf of Hay & Forage Grower at last month’s Sunbelt Ag Expo in Moultrie, GE...More
Oct 25, 2010

Georgia Agronomist Reports On Hay Contest

Dennis Hancock, University of Georgia Extension forage agronomist, discusses the 2010 Southeastern Hay Contest while at the Sunbelt Ag Expo in Moultrie, GA....More
Oct 11, 2010

Making Hay In Challenging Times

The weather challenges of harvesting hay in Nebraska this past season, as well as marketing in trying times, were discussed by Nebraska Alfalfa Marketing Association executive director Barb Kinnan during a visit at World Dairy Expo with eHay Weekly editor Rick Mooney...More
Sep 24, 2010

Switchgrass As A Forage Crop?

Its high yields and value as a hay or pasture crop during hot summer months have researchers looking at switchgrass as more than a renewable fuel source...More
Sep 20, 2010

How To Sell Hay To Horse Owners

Tell horse owners what hay can provide in a horse's diet, suggested Laurie Lawrence, University of Kentucky equine nutrition specialist to our eHay Weekly editor, Rick Mooney...More

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