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Custom Forage Harvesting

Custom forage operators and other interested readers gain advice on harvesting and storing high-quality forage for their customers and get business management tips.

What's New In Legumes

A collection of stories about the latest legumes, some of which are on the market and others that are coming soon.

With several clovers, a sainfoin and a drought-tolerant alfalfa, there are multiple options for growers to learn about and possibly choose from.

Mob Grazing

Mob grazing utilizes higher stocking densities, longer pasture-rest and shorter grazing periods, a constant moving of cattle from one pasture area to another and forage trampling. The benefits, say graziers, are the even distribution of nutrients – manure and urine – as well as an increase in soil organic matter, increased pasture resilience, a decrease in animal selectivity and weed control. 

Hay Marketing

A collection of the latest information on hay prices and supplies, USDA crop production and acreage reports and profiles on how to effectively market hay.

Teff Grass

Teff, the warm-season grass that’s gained popularity the past several years as a good horse hay, is also being fed to dairy cows. This annual appears to adapt to different soil types and produces well in droughty or wet conditions.


Graziers and university experts offer intensive rotational grazing, mob grazing and other management tips and well as share their own experiences.


Companies and university researchers are taking us closer toward providing a domestic supply of biofuel from cellulosic crops. Some experts are testing crops for their potential to produce biofuel and be feed as forages.

Grass In Dairy Rations

Grass has never been more popular than when mixed with alfalfa or as part of a TMR. It can increase milk production, boost herd health – and improve a producer’s bottom line.

Dairy-Forage Nutrition

Dairy producers and researchers are experimenting with high-forage diets, silage storage techniques, ration rebalancing as well as finding ways to prevent displaced abomasums and other health problems using forages.

Roundup Ready Alfalfa

The controversy over this biotech crop has lessened now that it’s again been deregulated and is back on the market and in fields. Although there’s still potential for added drama, Roundup Ready alfalfa growers are finding that the crop offers increased flexibility, among other benefits.

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