Mustang 1.5 EW and Fury 1.5 EC insecticides from FMC Corp. recently received EPA approval for use on more than 60 new crops, including alfalfa.

The active ingredient in both products is zeta-cypermethrin, a broad-spectrum chemical said to be cost-effective.

"Growers will like the fast-acting, longer-lasting control that Mustang or Fury provides," says Brenda Franke, FMC product manager. "It’s a good value because it consistently controls problem insects for less money."

Mustang is a water-based formulation developed through a process called Hydro-Formulated Technology (HFT).

"The products created through HFT are more effective than competitive formulations because the active ingredient is delivered in a sub-micron size," says Franke. "Basically, it makes the chemistry even more powerful and easier to apply."

Mustang will be available throughout the U.S. Fury will be sold only in the South.