Don’t feel pressured when making your silage corn hybrid decisions, says Joe Lauer, University of Wisconsin corn agronomist. “Choose hybrids wisely by using comparative yield performance data,” he advises growers.

In short, Lauer lists five keys to choosing hybrids:

1) Use multi-location averages to compare hybrids.
2) Evaluate consistency of performance.
3) Buy the traits you need.
4) Every hybrid must stand on its own.
5) Pay attention to seed costs.

For more detail, see his latest Agronomy Advice newsletter.

To get evaluation data from a university near you, check out this listing of quick links to university grain and/or silage trial information. Most hybrid evaluation data are released by the end of November. If your state isn’t listed, contact your county agent for help.

Delaware: University of Delaware
Illinois: University of Illinois
Indiana: Purdue University
Iowa: Iowa State University
Kansas: Kansas State University
Kentucky: University of Kentucky
Louisiana: Louisiana State University
Maine: University of Maine
Maryland: University of Maryland
Michigan: Michigan State University
Minnesota: University of Minnesota
Mississippi: Mississippi State University
Missouri: University of Missouri
Montana: Montana State University
Nebraska: University of Nebraska
New Mexico: New Mexico State University
New York: Cornell University
North Carolina: North Carolina State University
North Dakota: North Dakota State University
Ohio: Ohio State University
Oklahoma: Oklahoma State University
Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania State University
South Carolina: Clemson University
South Dakota: South Dakota State University
Tennessee: University of Tennessee
Texas: Texas A&M University
Vermont: University of Vermont
Wisconsin: University of Wisconsin
Canada: Alberta
Canada: Manitoba
Canada: Ontario