The first generation of armyworms has come and gone in Kentucky, with some pastures having to be sprayed in the central part of the state. Subsequent generations are not expected to cause as much damage, according to University of Kentucky entomologists.


Michigan alfalfa growers are urged to watch for alfalfa weevils in the early regrowth after cutting. Also, potato leafhoppers are back. Growers should watch recently harvested fields carefully, because the early regrowth period is the most vulnerable to "hopper burn" injury. Winter injury and alfalfa weevil damage reduced first-cutting yields by 20% or more in some Michigan fields this spring.

Source: Michigan State University.


Hay producers in parts of central, south-central and southwestern Missouri struggled with armyworms this season, but most have them under control, says Tony Hancock, USDA Market News reporter in Jefferson City. "Armyworms surpassed thresholds where they had to spray or cut hay," he notes.

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