Jim Gerrish, nationally known grazing expert, will speak at the Dec. 7-8 Manitoba Grazing School at the Victoria Inn in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada. Gerrish, owner of American GrazingLands Services, will take graziers step-by-step through his Management Intensive Grazing system (MIG). In another sessions he will talk about how to transition from hay feeding to grazing.

Kevin Sedivec, North Dakota State University range management specialist, will discuss how to use grazing systems as tool to enhance grazing efficiency, increase economic return, and better utilize range and pasturelands. Doug Wray, with his wife, Linda, operates a ranch at Irricana, AB, runs 225+ cows, backgrounds calves and raises their own replacements. He will talk about the strategies they developed to be able to graze in some form year-round. Brenda Schoepp, a market analyst and owner and author of Beeflink, a national beef cattle market newsletter, will speak on existing markets and marketing opportunities.

Other break-out sessions will feature topics including how to analyze and benchmark your operation, the effect of two calving seasons on cow-calf economic risk and return in Western Canada, adapting to climate change in prairie grasslands, brush management on native pastures, and minimizing beef cattle weaning stress.

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