Alabama hay growers who want to build storage barns can get help through a new state loan program.

Administered through the Alabama Agriculture Development Authority (AADA), the program offers loans up to $12,500 to build 40 x 60’ barns or $25,000 to construct 50 x 100’ barns. Need and herd size are part of the loan criteria. Barn plans must meet standard construction criteria with required field inspection before loan approval. AADA requires collateralized insurance on barns built through the program. Only new barns are eligible, and loans are funded for up to four years.

“Farmers who leave baled hay out in the elements without protective covering risk a substantial loss in hay quality,” says Nate Jaeger, director of the Alabama Farmers Federation Hay and Forage Division. “But often times, it’s a matter of financial circumstance that deters them from building barns to store hay. AADA’s special low-interest loan program helps remove that barrier.”

For more information, contact AADA Executive Director John Gamble at 334-240-7245 or

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