With just 200 small square bales left in inventory, Union, SC, hay grower Tyler Crocker wouldn’t mind seeing a little rain over the next couple of weeks. It would put a nice finish on a second cutting of his bermudagrass hay.

“We’ve been pretty dry for the last three weeks or so, but the hay is still looking pretty good,” says Crocker, who devotes 150 acres to hay. Besides small squares, he also makes 4 x 5’, net-wrapped round bales. “If we can get some rain, we should be able to do another 1,300 or so of the small squares. That’s as long as we don’t get an early frost. We’ll also be working with a friend to put up another 3,000 bales. That will give us a pretty good inventory heading into winter.”

Earlier in the season, Crocker contended with too much rain. “We were able to get most of our hay put up without it getting rained on,” he says. “But a lot of it had to stay standing for several weeks while we waited out the rains. As a result, it was put up more mature than we would have liked.”

Currently, Crocker is getting $5/bale for small squares picked up in the field. His target market: local horse owners. For the large rounds, he’s charging $35/roll. “Last year, we started out at $50/roll on the rounds. But there was a lot of that kind of hay put up in the area, and we had trouble moving them. This year, it looks like there are going to be a lot of rounds available again. So we figured we’d start out at the lower price and see what happens.”

Crocker can be reached at 864-426-1649 or tyler@crockerslandscaping.com.

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